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Website & CRO overhaul for Keto eCommerce Brand

Service Offerings: WordPress Development, Shopify Development, Conversion Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization Audit, Headless React Shopify/WordPress build, Maintenance

Project summary:

Hypergrow was enlisted by a well-known keto shake brand to organize and audit their customer analytics data to identify opportunities for website information re-organization and visual redesign. After the audit, they continued with Hypergrow to implement those changes via a website redesign on WordPress and Shopify. The goal of the redesign was to better connect the two sites – a blog with thousands of articles, recipes, and customer testimonials and the shop itself – under a comprehensive and unified brand experience for the customer. After the design and launch of this initiative, Hypergrow continued with the client and offered support for the next year as they hired an internal web development team. Over that time Hypergrow worked alongside the new internal team to transition the site to a headless React build on top of the two existing CMS systems.

Quick stats:

Revenue boost post audit & redesign (+$6M)
+ 0 %
Orders compared to last period
+ 0 %
Order returns compared to last period
- 0 %
Discounts used on orders compared to last period
- 0 %

Hypergrow helped them:

Speed optimizations before & after (WordPress):

Select audit finding points:


User journey restructuring:

Using heatmapping, user recordings, and interviews with the marketing and customer support teams Hypergrow learned what information the customers were actively searching for. Using this information, we recommended a navigation and user journey restructuring, some of which is below.

We suggested grouping the flavor options under their own dropdown entitled “Keto Chow” and having the Supplements and Mixing Bottled in their own categories but they didn’t have enough SKUs in the later categories to justify the split so we went with their preference to group the products together under an overarching “shop” category.

New core sitemap structure for key pages customers frequent
Footer navigation restructuring

V2 Update: In V2 we went with defined, product-specific categories as their offering had expanded.

Top-level sitemap V2

Enabling subscriptions and quick reordering:

Quick reordering from "my account" area
Product page optimization with subscriptions

Mobile-first and information prioritization:

The client had several popups, chat bubbles, moving promo banners and the like happening all at once when a customer would visit the site and none of it was mobile responsive. This was causing the mobile experience to be very hard to navigate for users. We decided on one mobile responsive top banner that automatically scrolls to the right to showcase all of their on-going promotions, and to use the hero/first section of the home page as a carousel for current promotions and announcements. We also did away with the promotional popup for a while, and when it was re-introduced months later it was set as an exit-intent popup that would hide itself for a few months for that user after the user had closed it.

This all impacted their mobile conversions significantly. After optimizing the entire site to be mobile-first, those conversions rose even higher.

We also reinvented their product page layout. Here was the initial recommendation in the audit, though through A/B testing we implemented those learnings into the final product as well.

Suggested product page sections based on best practice, brand priorities, and what customers actually want to know

Design Before & Afters:

Home page

Product collection page

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